The best opportunities to invest in the neighborhood of Almagro

Within the most luxurious areas of Madrid, the distinguished district of Almagro is among the most demanded to live. The main reason is that it combines elegance and tranquility in the heart of the capital. Among its streets are some of the most stately buildings in the city: Embassies, museums and national institutions that provide a category and a unique quality of life compared to the other most luxurious districts of Madrid.

Although it is impossible to establish guidelines and general characteristics to describe the homes of Almagro, the vast majority of the properties of this district are characterized by being very spacious luxury homes, high ceilings and built or refurbished to Mid-twentieth century. The average price of luxury flats in this area of Madrid is between 5,500 or 6,000 euros per square meter, but from Larvia Privilege we have a unique opportunity to invest in these luxury flats. These are housing to reform below 4,000 euros the square meter, or even, of the 3,500 in some cases.

Investment opportunities for luxury flats to reform

Luxury flat with pool at 3,600 euros square meter

This luxury apartment is a great opportunity to invest. The house, located on the second floor, is totally exterior, has two terraces and a communal pool in the heart of the neighborhood of Almagro, a unique occasion, as the pools in the area are not very common.  The house is situated in a modern estate.

Large house of more than 300 meters below the 3,000 euros the square meter

Luxury apartment with excellent location. It has a large hall that communicates with two lounges and a dining room. In addition, it has an elongated terrace overlooking a large garden, a corridor with Windows to this same courtyard, from the access to the three bedrooms.  Among the equipment that counts, the area stands out service with independent access and forklifts, in addition to a large kitchen, office, room and bathroom service. All rooms have a lot of luminosity.

Property with patio and two parking spaces at 3,300 euros per square metre

Great opportunity to invest in this huge flat of more than 300 square meters. This luxury house also has a courtyard of 80 square meters of private use and two parking spaces. The property occupies the ground floor of a building in one of the safest and quietest streets in the neighborhood of Almagro.

Magnificent apartment less than 4,000 euros per square metre

This large flat of more than 300 square meters has a living room with terrace, office and dining room. All the rooms are connected and, at the same time, separated by sliding doors and with direct access from a wide hall that gives access to the bedroom area with a distributor. It also has a meeting area with bathroom and service area.

800-square-metre separatable floor

Magnificent opportunity to acquire a luxury apartment of 780 square meters with the possibility of separating, officially, in three different farms. A property located in an emblematic building, very close to the roundabout of Alonso Martínez, on a third floor. The house is very luminous thanks to its 23 windows, and its high ceilings. The distribution of the plant facilitates the separation, making this property, a very interesting element for investors.