The most outstanding restaurants in La Moraleja

If something can not be missing in the moral is its gastronomy. And you can find real jewels in the form of restaurants, which is worth a try. Among them, we find some of the most outstanding in Madrid.

In today's post we will see how in the moral, in addition to luxury homes, there are exclusive services, like some of the following restaurants, for all tastes and occasions.  

Featured Restaurants in La Moraleja

The machine, a chic ambience, traditional cuisine. We start with the machine, a space in a chic environment where you enjoy the outdoors of traditional food. It is in a privileged place and of exclusive atmosphere, the Tranquility Prima in its different rooms.

It offers a menu based on the traditional air of the machine group, enhancing the skewers, portions, frying and fish and shellfish from our shores. Dishes typical of Spanish cuisine such as potato tortilla, Russian salad, tripe to Asturias, or rice.

SUSHI 99 BAR, new trends come to the moral. We went to sushi, a style of food that in recent years has created a trend around the world. Japanese food is experiencing a real expansion, and is that they are a delight to the palate. It presents unusual fish such as eel, or hedgehogs, quality product, Japanese base with Asian influences combined with imagination and Saber Hacer, confer a highly suggestive letter, and one of the ¨ Top Five ¨ of Madrid in this type of cuisine.

Aspen is transporting you to your ski resort. Good cooking, raw materials, surroundings and an interrupted timetable are the pillars on which Aspen's success is based. And all this is complemented with the terraces that put at our disposal, recently added its ¨ Terrace solarium ¨ which offer a more informal space where to taste its good cuisine, in a carefree atmosphere, and where we can enjoy the sun to any Time of day, even in winter, in the style of the Aspen Ski Resort (Colorado).

CAFÉ PINO, Italian cuisine in La Moraleja. Open 365 days a year, with an interrupted timetable of 08:00 to 24:00 hours, Café Pino offers the most extensive cooking hours in the area.

Its menu goes from a few churros prepared at the moment to accompany the first coffee in the morning, going through a generous salad, to its delicious pizzas or pasta. For a lot, the best in Madrid. Not forgetting your snack menu designed for all tastes; Natural, sweet, salty, light, forceful… and no less important, their ice cream! ¨ Gelati Pino ¨ with a wide variety of flavors, prepared according to the authentic Italian traditional recipe.

The SABINA, the Larrumba group could not miss. La Sabina is the latest discovery of the Larrumba group, a mixture of avant-garde and tradition that blend to awaken the passion for flavor. Creating a space with a Mediterranean style recreating the architecture of its islands, its philosophy of life and that feeling of disconnection and peace. Its menu offers a fusion of sea and mountain with sweet nuances, bringing authentic flavors of the Mediterranean coast. The Rices are their specialty, of the variety Albufera, they cook them maintaining their traditional elaboration with water brought from Valencia specifically for it.