The best gardens in luxury houses of the moral


Spring is coming, the weather is good, and the most tempting thing is to enjoy the splendor of the gardens. Get home and find in your garden The last shelter, the place to relax after a complicated day. The gardens of the luxury houses are also the perfect place to recharge energies before starting to work.              

In today's post we are going to show you some of the most luxurious and impressive gardens that we can find in Viviendas de La Moraleja.

Colorful garden in an amazing luxury house. Orange, yellow, green… are the colors that we can see in the wonderful garden of this House, which form an impressive chromatic show that varies its tonalities according to the season of the year.

In the list of the most emblematic can not miss this image, the property covered entirely by flowers and leaves, a vertical garden, leaving the roof of the porch fully covered, as if you were in the middle of nature. These gardens blend gardening and architecture in a natural, original and colorful way. The colorful, the scents of the flowers and the natural benefits of the plants are integrated with the environment. 

Modernity and functionality. However, besides the gardens with the predominance of the Greens, the most modern gardens are also trendy. Gardens of chalets of luxury totally asphalted, and where the white predominates, but without losing the design, the exclusivity and the beauty.  

This type of gardens are characterized by being quite functional, because they are not overloaded with decorative elements. A contemporary garden is characterized by being elegant, stylized and sophisticated. They are based on the simplicity of Asia's design practices, it puts more emphasis on architecture and materials than on plants and vegetation. The main idea is to create a garden that has a controlled and organized look.

Modern and minimalist garden in a luxury house. Continuing along the modern line we reach this one, however here if we can predominate the green tones, combining natural objects with elements such as fountains, banks, roads and ponds, basic in a modern garden. It is also important to maintain harmonious spaces to relax and connect with nature.

Traditional garden that always works.  Going back to the classic and/or traditional, as you pass through the door of access to this House you feel to move to a paradise, and forget that you are a few kilometres from Madrid. The selected vegetation invites you to walk through the garden to meet its small areas of chill-out, where you can relax observing these beautiful views.