The attics of Madrid

To throw away the first stone who has not dreamt of living, once, in an attic. And if it’s a luxury penthouse, much better.

Attics in Madrid arouse a lot of interest. Among the aspects in which customers are most fixed are, without a doubt, the views. The height of the buildings in which the attics are located provides a visual quality, which is difficult for other constructions to have, which makes the attics an exclusive home.  In addition, the luminosity, and the joy that this brings to a house, is another of the added values and main attractions that attic lovers find.

Also, this exclusivity increases in a city like Madrid. The capital of Spain is not a city too high in its constructions, so the penthouses with good views are scarcer, and therefore more exclusive.  In the light and exclusivity “we should also add elements such as lifestyle, tranquility and even certain types of trends that are fashionable to live in an attic,” as stated Sonia Ballesteros, coordinator of Larvia Privilege.

In addition, Attics also have adepts in the business world. Some companies, such as advertising agencies and communication consultants, prefer attics where they install their offices, for the light, comfort and tranquility they need in their work.

The best penthouses in Madrid

To see how it is a luxury penthouse in Madrid, we have made a selection in different areas of the city, with the most outstanding:

Salamanca/Castellana Area

This beautiful attic apartment that makes corner, is located in the heart of Salamanca and has a spectacular terrace that offers wonderful views. It has a South orientation and therefore a perfect luminosity.

El Viso Area

This exclusive penthouse in the exclusive El Viso district, has 300 square meters and a solarium of 175 square meters. It is located in a fantastic building built in 2006.

El Viso Area

Wonderful penthouse apartment located in a stately catalogued building, in the street of José Ortega y Gasset next to the Plaza del Marqués de Salamanca. This luxury apartment has been refurbished very recently, fusing the classic and the avant-garde. Almost the entire house is outside and overlooks a perimeter terrace with dreamy views.

Chamartín Area

This luxury duplex penthouse in enclave of the Madrid district of El Viso, is cozy and quiet. No less than a 200 square metre terrace with fantastic views. A luxury.