Larvia: Roadshow in Colombia for investors

Investing in the Spanish real estate sector has become fashionable. The present and future opportunities for Colombian investors in Madrid and Barcelona, are the central theme of the roadshow of Petrus Real Estate group that is being celebrated these days in Bogotá, Medellín and Barranquilla, with great success of attendance.

The Spanish real estate market, especially that of the best areas (prime) in Madrid and Barcelona, is today the most attractive in Europe, according to the consensus of European experts and analysts. The presentations are being carried out by Luis Rabassa, Vice-president of Petrus Grupo Inmobiliario; Lara Rabassa, director of Luxury Rentals Madrid, family group company dedicated to short stay rental;  and Alvaro González de la Hoz, director of Larvia Privilege, dedicated to the sale of luxury homes.

"The investor in housing has before him in the Spanish market a great opportunity at this time, for the price, the good progress of the Spanish economy and the strong potential for revaluation," said the director of Larvia to attendees in the Events.

This adds to the revaluations that the residential market in Madrid and Barcelona will be producing in the future and the investor or owner can choose between one or more options according to their preferences, with a low risk.

Larvia Privilege is a Spanish consultancy specializing in advising and marketing in the luxury housing market in Madrid and Barcelona, in the best prime areas. Its growth in recent months has been very prominent. The cur

rent real estate situation, allows to acquire real estate in attractive areas at a lower price than a few years ago giving, potentially, an interesting revaluation of the investment in the medium and long term. Recently the Bank of Spain, the most rigorous economic organism with more