Larvia: Real estate reference between luxury homes

In the program of Ana Rosa, Telecinco, a report was made on April 7 in which we talked about the luxury homes in our country. Spain ranks as one of the 10 countries in the world chosen by millionaires to spend their fortunes and buy luxury houses. Spain is an attractive country to invest in. The richest in the world (those with more than 27 million euros of equity) choose our country to make their investments. In 2016, 1,400 people invested their fortunes in Spain.

What luxury housing investments do the wealthy make?

36% of them make investments in the real estate sector. 8.3 billion investment in luxury homes. The preferred cities for these investments are: Madrid, Barcelona, Marbella, Mallorca or Ibiza.
Among the interviews made to buyers and real estate managers, Álvaro González de la Hoz, director general of Larvia, which belongs to Petrus Grupo Inmobiliario, was on the set explaining the situation of the real estate sector of luxury. Here we leave the intervention (around the minute 50):