Larvia, in international and national economic means

The upturn in the real estate sector is already a reality. Even more in the realm of luxury. The market in which Larvia specializes is again very active, with considerable increases in the number of transactions and purchase and sale of homes. The noble areas of cities such as Madrid and Barcelona have seen increasing the pace of real estate operations, with values of six zeros. Luxury houses and flats in residential areas considered of first level.

In this boom a lot has to do with the foreign investor. Larvia is a company dedicated to the sale and rental of luxury homes in the best areas of Madrid. Our strong presence in the real estate market, both in Madrid and Barcelona, positions us as a source of valuable information for journalists and media reporting on the sector. This is attested by several reports that have recently been made in economic environments of national and international character.

Larvia's analysis is news

Bloomberg, one of the world's leading financial information agencies, is the first to collect our ratings: You can check them out on their own website. This news is also collected by two national media: Okdiario and in both articles are collected the words of Álvaro Gonzalez de la Hoz, director general of Larvia, as a representative of the success that the luxury housing sector is having in Madrid. In these statements, de la Hoz says that Venezuelans of greater purchasing power are decanted by the area of Barrio Salamanca and Recoletos. They are willing to pay between 10,000 and 11,000 euros per square metre.