Interesting investments in luxury homes

We did not find a good time to invest in buying luxury homes in Madrid. We are experiencing a period of small economic recovery that is causing greater access to bank financing because banks are increasingly asking for less credit requirements. This trend adds to the historically low interest rates and housing prices that are still below the figures of recent years. These conditions, which have put on the table several experts, banks and promoters, open the door to the purchase of luxury flats at the beginning of 2017, if it has not been done previously during the 2016.

For these reasons, if you have in mind investing in a new home, this is your moment. Value your possibilities and economy and invest that money in order to have a luxury home, adjusted to your needs and expectations. The month of January begins with strength, with prices and conditions of luxury flats in Madrid very tempting. If you let this opportunity pass, it is possible that in a matter of months the prices will increase considerably and, in addition, the house with which you have always dreamed is already bought by another individual.

At Larvia Privilege we help you in your decision. We offer you the best luxury flats in Madrid. Each one of them has its own essence. Let yourself be carried away by your impressions. Then there will be time to value the price of the flats, but quickly understand why it is the best time to invest in a home that will be for life.

The best luxury homes in Madrid to invest this year

The first luxury floor that we present you is located in the area of Argüelles, specifically between the street Princesa and the park of the West. This area stands out for the tranquility as there is no road that contains excessive traffic. Besides, we can find different establishments and shops in the vicinity, as well as public transport. It is a building of 173 square meters, located on a second floor. It has two very bright rooms, four bedrooms, a kitchen with pantry and a totally complete bathroom. You can also enjoy a small interior terrace that has access to the service area. Its sale price is 610,000 euros.

In the Barrio Salamanca we offer you some of the most interesting luxury homes in Madrid. This has 200 square meters. It is located in a renovated classic building. It has a hall or reception space that communicates with three rooms connected to each other that give rise to the large room. There are also three more rooms with balconies that you can turn into dorms if you wish. It has three spaces to turn them into toilets, one of them of great size where you can even put your own jacuzzi. The kitchen is completely refurbished and equipped. Finally, it has a storage room of eight square meters.

In the Chamartín district you can invest in several luxury flats. One of them is what we present to you. It's 550 square feet. It is next to the Paseo de la Habana. It has an entrance hall that gives way to a large lounge, a waiting room and a dining room. It also has a bookstore. In total it has 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Some of the toilet rooms are in the suite-style rooms. The kitchen is spacious, with a service space, laundry and clothesline.