Real estate investment accelerates in Spain

Spain's economic recovery is consolidating. Job creation is increasing and financial conditions are becoming more favorable. All this is evident in the figures of the real estate sector. Foreign investment reached 3.131 billion euros in 2017. It is the highest to date, assuming 13.2% of the total. This means that the big foreign investors are fixed in the real estates of Spain and know that there are possibilities to get them high profitability. Another factor that shows that the real estate sector is booming is the rise in prices. The houses are increasingly expensive, so a clear economic recovery is appreciated.

Luxury flats, a growing market

On the other hand, the residential market is also an upward sector. Especially in Madrid and Barcelona, the sale of luxury flats has increased its pace considerably in the last two years. The high returns offered by the houses of this style attract the most powerful investors. According to Bruno Rabassa, executive vice president of Petrus Real Estate Group and CEO of Larvia, the El Economista newspaper, the trend is upward. The forecasts for the next few years are very positive. In fact, he stresses that the "housing price could rise by 5% to 10% in this 2018." The sale of housing is expected to increase by around 15% and the granting of mortgage loans on 10%.

All these data certify that the real estate market has recovered its best time. That we are in a perfect moment to invest in housing and that luxury remains one of the sectors in the real estate with better options of profitability.

Housing investment