The rise of the luxury flats market in Madrid

For almost 10 years, Spain was mired in a crisis that affected, above all, the brick sector. The real estate market was very affected, especially the luxury flats; But, after several years of bad results, the economic recovery has been looming and has proved its effect on the luxury real estate market.

According to a report of Idealista, the luxury homes in Spain (those that exceed the million euros of value) increased by 78 ' 8% if compared with 2013, the year in which the historical lows were collected. Moreover, not only has the number of sales of these houses increased, but also the price paid for them. In Spain, the average price of a luxury home revolves around two million euros. This figure leaves us a 6% increase compared to the price paid in 2013.

These figures change according to the province in which we find ourselves. Of all Spain, is in Madrid where we find the areas with more luxury homes: la Moraleja, la Finca, El Viso and Barrio de Salamanca.

Luxury homes in Madrid: Prices

The prices of luxury flats in Madrid have also increased, specifically 10 ' 7% in this last year. This figure places Madrid in the seventh place at the world level in the growth of prices in this sector, according to the index Prime Globa Cities. In terms of prices, the Retiro, Salamanca, the centre maintains a price below the Chamartín district. This is where the Viso is located, one of the most interesting and top areas of the capital. In this area, the price of the land can reach 15,000 euros per square metre. Although housing in areas such as Piovera or Conde Orgaz also exceeds 10,000 euros. Still, some people decide to go outside.

The demand for luxury flats in northwestern Madrid has increased considerably, especially in areas such as Boadilla del Monte, Las Rozas, Pozuelo and Aravaca, as these places find great houses with great privacy.

The luxury flooring sector is booming and at a wonderful time, putting Madrid between the only two European countries that has increased its price in the last year. Take advantage of this moment to invest in a luxury home in Madrid. In Larvia we have available flats and luxury homes in many areas of the capital, to suit all tastes and/or needs.