How to find a luxury apartment in Madrid

The luxury flats in Madrid differ with the naked eye of the rest of the houses. All of them share a number of their own characteristics that get extol their value in the market. The luxury flats in Madrid are not just homes that offer us a shelter to sleep in. These houses become the favorite corner of the capital for their owners. In them they feel comfortable, distracted, relaxed and with an unbeatable state of mind. The reason lies in the peculiarities surrounding the luxury homes in Madrid.

We could summarize the qualities of a luxury apartment in Madrid as follows: Exclusive locations, good architectural qualities, elevated square meters and class.

Features of luxury flats in Madrid

People who intend to buy exclusive and luxury homes in the Spanish capital tend to demand penthouses overlooking the most beautiful areas of Madrid, apartments with a minimum of 150 square meters, homes located in central areas and Urbanizations close to the most basic services. One of the most demanded requirements is that luxury flats are close to schools and commercial spaces. The areas of Madrid with the largest number of luxury homes are: Barrio de Salamanca, Retiro, Centro, Chamartín, Chamberí and Argüelles.

With respect to the square meters, the bigger the dimensions, the more comforts the owners will have. They will enjoy a wide range and can have in their own home everything they want: swimming pool, Jacuzzi, gym, office, dressing room, ironing… and even some luxury homes give you the opportunity to include an elevator to get up and down a Plant to another. In addition, each family member may have their own room and own bathroom if desired. Despite living all in one house, they will have the space and the freedom they need without having to go out on the street.

Another of the most characteristic features of luxury homes in Madrid is that they are located in stately farms, surrounded by other similar constructions. They are exclusive farms that have a porter 24 hours, to provide total security to the neighbors. These farms are equipped with individual parking spaces and storerooms, mostly.

Where to buy a luxury apartment in Madrid

At Larvia Privilege we offer a wide variety of luxury flats in the Spanish capital, with different square meters and locations. We offer both one-storey and two-floor apartments and penthouses with the best views of Madrid. They're all totally taken care of. We have luxury homes matched and free of furniture so that your future guests can decorate it to your liking. And all this with a price perfectly adapted to the characteristics of each of the luxury flats.