Investment in luxury flats in Spain grew 60% in 2017

The 2017 left a very positive balance in relation to luxury flats. Over the past year, investment in luxury real estate in Spain grew 60%. Of this investment, in addition to finding tenants motives, the purchase for private use also increased: 18% compared to the previous year.

No doubt the luxury real estate sector is at a good time. Among the most outstanding investors are many high-class Spaniards. Although they are not the only ones. The latest stakeholders also include a large number of Latin Americans, especially Colombians, Mexicans and Venezuelans. Also added to this list are North American, French, German, Dutch and Scandinavian. The latter did it as an investment. They consider that the return of the money invested will be seen quickly.

Although the Catalan market was at the forefront, in the last year luxury flats in Madrid have become the first option to invest. Still, the Chinese continue to prefer Catalonia, where investment has increased by up to 18%. The investment in the capital is a 3 ' 4% higher compared to the previous year, the Barrio de Salamanca being the favorite option and the urbanizations of the north of Madrid, as the moral. Larvia has real estate in the most requested places in Madrid. In addition to the aforementioned Barrio de Salamanca or La Moraleja, El Viso, Almagro, Chamberí, Argüelles, or the Madrid of the Austrias, among others. These remain the areas preferred by investors.

Why invest in a luxury home

With the improvement of the labor market and the financial conditions, we find ourselves in a perfect time to invest in a luxury home. Their prices are below that many years ago. However, more and more people are interested in renting these houses. Taking profit from a luxury home is much easier than it seems.

The high profitability these homes offer is increasingly attracting new investors. Central Europeans, Asians and Spaniards are the first ones interested in acquiring these houses. In addition, Madrid, in particular, has very good returns.

If you look at the number of districts where Larvia has luxury homes, we will find that it has in the most requested places of Madrid. Luxury homes for all tastes, in the middle or in remote urbanizations, but all with the best performance.

During the 2018, the price of these houses could rise between 5% and 10%. This is why it is a good time to buy a luxury apartment and enjoy it, or rent it to foreigners who want to spend the summer in a warmer environment.

The luxury real estate market remains one of the most profitable sectors in the long term. In addition, the age of the consumers of these homes has declined with respect to other years. Now, the general profile is men at 40 years old (more or less). Second generations of high-middle-class families who have seen their investments have improved their social situation.

The Premium housing sector is at a wonderful point. It is booming and offers a profitability of 18%.