The Golden age of luxury rental

The national daily "El Mundo" has produced an article on the situation that is living the Premium rent. In this context, Larvia has been chosen as the luxury real estate agency for its realization. The rental business is living a very good stage. More and more people decide to rent a home instead of buying it. The improvement of the rents has also reached the Prime offer, where Madrid stands out. The offer of high standing floors is limited, so they are rented quickly and with very high prices, according to our Director Álvaro González de la Hoz. The profitability offered by these properties is another factor to consider. According to the Bank of Spain, the present profitability is around 9 ' 8% annual gross. This implies an improvement of 1 ' 6% compared to the figures of the previous year. More and more buyers, both national and international, who decide to buy a home to rent.

What Premium Homes Offer

Luxury homes are very different from traditional houses. In this sense, not everything goes. Among the features that customers are looking for highlights the location. They need to be located in Premium areas of Madrid. Neighborhoods such as Salamanca, Justicia, Recoletos or La Moraleja, where Larvia has its own office, are some of the favorites. It is also very important the presence and the interior of these properties. They must be refurbished, have a quality furniture, a modern look and have a nice and elegant portal. For this reason, location and quality have become the key points for renting high-end flats. Yes, the characteristics of the house can be very disparate. Both single-bedroom and 300-square-foot duplex flats are sought. The average price per month rented is between 1,800 to 12,000 euros. This figure has risen between 7 and 15% since 2016. This type of property is rented by people who have a high purchasing power. In addition, usually these flats usually carry extra services, which are paid separately. It is not uncommon for many customers to request pre-arrival shopping list service, private chef or personal trainer, for the real estate located in the city center. Luxury homes offer a range of services that are out of reach of the ordinary citizen. Amenities, luxuries and non-existent details in other rental services.