Schools in the moral: national and international quality education

The moral has always highlighted, among other aspects, the great variety of education offered, both in quantity and quality, as some of the most prestigious schools in Madrid have been installed in the area.

This great educational offer has become over the years one of the main attractions, and more and more families take this claim into account to consider their life in the moral. The quality and proximity of schools is an important element when deciding to buy or rent a home. Therefore, those families who are thinking of acquiring a luxury home in La Moraleja, must know the main centers for their children. The offer is ample and of quality.

Schools highlighted in La Moraleja

Then we will show you some of the most requested and, needless to say, that in the moral its reputation and quality of its teaching is among the best in Europe and Spain.

RUNNYMEDE COLLEGE. It is a private school, which follows the British educational system from nursery to Year 13, with the realization of I.G.C.S.Es at the end of secondary and levels as selectivity, sent and corrected by Cambridge.

It was the first British school to be installed in Spain, and because of the education it offers, it brings together students of all nationalities, offering a totally international environment where the youngest learn to coexist with different cultures and relate Without problems, something that in the future will be very helpful.   

Foster School, Aldovea. Personalized education, educational excellence, involvement of parents and Christian Identity defend the College of Encouragement Aldovea, it is also an exclusively male school.

In the schools of development they consider the person as the center of the educational process. A personalized education is offered so that each student achieves the maximum development of their capacities and aptitudes, with the help of their parents and professors.

This center offers a quality education based on a solid academic, human and Christian formation. An education whose objective is not only the acquisition of knowledge, but the formation of whole people capable of contributing to the improvement of socie
ty. In the schools of foment all the activities are inspired by a transcendent vision of the human existence, and in the principle of dignity of the person characteristic of the Christian spirit. Since its inception, foment asked t
he Prelature of Opus Dei to help him keep his Christian identity alive.

SAN PATRICIO College. San Patricio College combines the Spanish educational system with a clear international voca

tion. The students acquire at the same time the mastery of the English language and a solid learning of the specific contents of the Spanish curriculum, whose are wider than in other systems, that require a high level to allow them to access to the studies University students who wish, both in Spain and

abroad. The pedagogical model affects the development of fundamental competencies, those to which the Spanish curriculum does not give sufficient importance and that in San Patricio are essential, such as emotional, multilingualism, artistic and habits Related to health. As well as other more specific for students, such as teamwork, use of information and communication technologies in the classroom, public presentations, argumentation and debate, project work or experimentation.

French Lyceum, SAINT-ÉXUPÉRY.  The Center's school project is based on four fundamental axes; The languages for thinking and communicating, the educational, artistic, cultural, scientific and sporting trajectory of each student.

As part of a global educational network, the students of the French Liceo de Madrid Saint-Éxupéry have exceptional learning conditions, know-how and know-how to live that reflect the excellence, sharing and well-being of the students.


At the end of high school students are presented to Baccalauréat (the French selectivity), continuing with the French system in which they have been educated, which allows them access to the Universities Gala and Spanish.